The Price

Fees have to be reasonable. That?s part of the Ticket Guy?s motto.

For most tickets in Kansas, I charge a flat rate of $110 for my fee.

For most tickets in Missouri, I charge a flat rate of $110 for my fee.

Depending on each situation, the fee may be more. I never charge you without you agreeing to the fee.
Most tickets I handle will require the client to pay court costs and or fines, but again the client is never charged without being made aware exactly how much they are being charged.

Additional Fees:

There are never any other additional charges other than what is agreed upon between the client and the attorney.

The Process

You received a ticket but now what?

1. Get me your information and the information on the ticket.

Fill out this form OR Fax the Ticket to 913-227-4356

Donít want to fill out the form or donít have access to a fax machine? Do you want to talk to a real person?

Call me at (913) 732-3014 and I can help you over the phone.

2. I will call you on the telephone or email you, tell you what to expect, and answer any questions you may have.

3. You Pay Me.

Visa/MasterCard - Money Order by mail - Cash in person

4. I go to court and handle the ticket for you.

5. I send you a confirmation email with your specific ticket details.

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